Wyre Residencies


Wyre Council and LeftCoast are offering five Wyre based contemporary artists the opportunity to take up residency in some of the areas’ most iconic locations.

The residencies will be an opportunity for the artists to work in non-art spaces and to engage with the community to help shape the work that is produced.

There is also a focus on people and places; finding the stories of the everyday and revealing something about the lives of people in Wyre.

Following the residencies the five artists will put on an exhibition to showcase the work produced.

Watch this space to find out if one of the artist residencies is coming to your neighbourhood.


A new Wyre Artist Network is also being established to help share experiences, ideas and resources. The network will be a place where Wyre based artists can come together to work more collaboratively and give a collective voice.

For more information about the network contact samara.stott@wyre.gov.uk