Real Estate


From July 2018 to July 2019 we have two year long live/work residencies taking place in Blackpool and Wyre.  The residencies were developed and shaped by our experiences working across Blackpool and Wyre over the last four years and are one of our longest interventions to date. They are a direct response to opportunities that have presented themselves, a wide range of partnerships and the potential to become pioneers for change in the area. They are a response to the question we often get asked when a project finishes ‘what happens next?’ They are also an experiment into what happens when artists become part of a community rather than visiting a place.

The artists undertaking these residencies have socially engaged practices, both interested in how art can be used as a tool for discussion, observation and activism.

We are purposefully not at this moment providing any detail on the artists or residencies as we want them to be given the opportunity to live their lives in the neighbourhoods as residents as well as artists. We will share the findings of these residencies at the appropriate time.