Mereside at Play  is a Left Coast project that has been designed to investigate the opportunities for creative play on the estate for early years children. Led by the residents of Mereside in partnership with Better Start the project is taking place over 12 months, exploring all the green spaces.

With events, workshops and unexpected happenings held throughout the year, meeting artists, gardeners, storytellers and performers who will work with us to explore what we could achieve on the estate.

All the ideas, dreams and hair brain schemes will be passed onto internationally acclaimed artist Nils Norman, the lead artist for the project, who will work to turn all of the ideas into something unique for Mereside and its community.

There is so much going on at Mereside that we have created a dedicated website, to see more go to

Fore more information contact Cath Powell, Creative Engagement Officerr, on 01253 477973 or email