The Poverty Trap


“I first met the Williams family in Blackpool in 1992. Back then I was working for The Independent newspaper in London & Liberation in Paris. I spent a week with the family who were living in a hostel for homeless families in the town. The pictures caused quite a stir internationally at the time, highlighting what had been branded as ‘The Underclass’. It was the first time The Independent had ever given over a whole page of the broadsheet to one photograph & the images of ‘The Williams Family, Blackpool’ are still remembered today as shocking depictions of the fallout from 1980s social policies.

 I had long wondered what happened to the family & finally managed to trace them last year. Their experience seems to me to be illustrative of what happened to a society left behind by the social policies implemented in the 80s & 90s – leaving a growing & increasingly disenfranchised population pushed to the edges of society. Their experience is important & instructive of the social history of people seemingly failed by the system.”

Craig Easton (artist), Liverpool


Coming late 2018