Learning to Swim


“My friend was on a night out in Blackpool walking home and saw someone walking out into the water. At first they carried on but could not ignore that the person was alone and getting further away. They decided to go back and see what was going on. Once they got closer they could see it was a woman clearly in some distress. They managed to talk her back to the shore. Focusing on the coastline and sea in Blackpool combined with personal testimonies of individuals within the area who have experienced struggles with their mental health, we will create an experimental documentary, Learning to Swim. Using the sea as a visual metaphor we will film its changing states over the course of a day, bringing focus onto the relationship between geographical edgelands and mental health.  We were particularly drawn to the story in the article of Chris Hopkins who describes how ‘The other day, I went and sat on the beach and had a couple of cans, just playing my music, watching the tide come back in, I enjoyed myself’.”

Bella Riza (artist), London

Emily Briselden – Waters (artist), London




Coming 2019