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LeftCoast Express was a self-directed research and development programme for artists, creative producers, curators and programmers living in Blackpool and Wyre aimed at developing their creative art products.

The final round of LeftCoast Express (Express 7) was specifically interested in artists and arts collectives who would have liked to research and develop new work that could form part of Art B&B‘s opening artistic programme across art forms from performance to visual arts. There was a simple application process and funding was available for successful individuals to apply for a package of between £500 and £700. The Express 7 research and development period needed to be between three and six months commencing in May 2019. Successful Express 7 creative practitioners were then eligible to apply for a small pot of delivery funding.

Art B&B is a boutique hotel, that launched in Autumn 2019, functioning as a small scale space for exhibition and performance.  Express 7 was interested in supporting local Blackpool and Wyre creative talent who had an interest in developing new work for this space.

Applications are now open for LeftCoast Express 7 – please click HERE to complete the application form.

Deadline for applications is 5pm on Monday 27 May 2019. 

What is ‘self-directed research and development’?

This means that you determine your own needs, draw up a programme of the activities that you will be undertaking. The programme needs to be agreed with LeftCoast once you have been selected.

We are keen to support projects that allow artists, creatives and organisations to develop their work. R&D projects are typically where a person or group develop a new idea or explore a new way of working. An R&D project can have a significant effect on a person’s or organisation’s work. As R&D projects are usually exploratory, you might not be able to fully define what you want the outcome to be, but you would usually have a clear sense of what you want to explore and why. R&D projects can often involve other artists or practitioners, particularly when exploring new ideas or looking at shifting to a new model.

R&D projects might be self-contained, or might form part of a wider programme of work. For example, a project might start with a period of R&D that will guide the development of a script, which will then become a play.

As part of Express 7 we would like to hear how audiences or participants can get involved with your work, either as part of the project or in the future.

Click HERE to see a list of previous LeftCoast Express recipients.

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